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Join the Antique Automobile Club of America

Annual, Student and Junior Memberships in the AACA are open to all individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique automobile hobby. Ownership of an automobile is not a prerequisite of membership.

Annual Membership

Annual Dues are $45.00 U.S. / $50.00 Non-U.S. (includes spouse if applicable) – dues are bill annually – no pro-rating of dues.

Members receive bi-monthy issue of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine.

Members are eligible to join an AACA region and/or chapter.

Members can exhibit vehicles & compete for national prizes and annual awards.

Members receive limited free research by the AACA Library & Research Center staff.

1/2 Year Membership (starts June 1st)

The 1/2 year membership is for FIRST TIME NEW members only.  The 1/2 year membership covers June 1st thru December. 

1/2 Year dues are $25.00 (includes spouse if applicable).

1/2 Year members receive three bi-monthly issues of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine: July/August, September/October and November/December.

1/2 Year members enjoy all the other privileges as the annual membership.

Life Membership

One time payment of $700.00 (includes spouse if applicable).

Life members enjoy the same privileges as the annual membership.

Student Membership

  • $12.00 per calendar year
  • Open to STUDENTS ages 13-25.
  • Verification of student enrollment is requested.
  • Enjoys same privileges as the annual membership.

As soon as your application form is received at National Headquarters, it will be reviewed and, if approved, a membership card for the current year will be mailed to you.


Join the East Tennessee Region, AACA The East Tennessee Region is the Knoxville area affiliate of the AACA.  Our monthly activities almost always include a tour of East Tennessee back roads in our antique cars.   Once you have your National AACA membership, we hope you will join the East Tennessee Region, or join both clubs simultaneously, and start having fun with your new AACA family!  East Tennessee Region dues are $20 per year.

Click HERE for the AACA membership application.

Click HERE for the East Tennessee Region membership application.

For questions about the East Tennessee Region, email [email protected]